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  • How long does each treatment session last?
    Your initial assessment and treatment session will be within one hour. Follow up sessions will also be within one hour or more depending on different factors.
  • What will I receive during my initial assessment and treatment session?
    We will understand the root cause of your problem better by starting your session off with history-taking, lifestyle background check, orthopaedic special tests, muscle and body functional tests. We will then analyze and plan for your treatment while educating you the importance of it. Yes, you will definitely get treated during this session. We believe the great value of test and re-test in order you to fully benefit in our entire rehab program.
  • Can you treat (insert your condition/injury/problem)?
    Yes, we can treat all kinds of sports injuries, musculoskeletal problems, neurological problems, and problems regarding your body dysfunctions. We have treated thousands of patients and have experience in variations of injuries and dysfunctions. We have collected many reviews and testimonials from patients with all walks of life and it can be viewed in our website, google and social medias profile.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Based on our standard practice, having you to come back for follow ups are recommended. It is all depends on your conditions severity, minor to major. injuries, non-chronic to chronic cases. It may takes up to 3-20 sessions in total. Our goal as WESTERN ACUPUNCTURE AND EXERCISE MEDICINE therapists is to get everyone of you to independent stage. However, many of our client's do come in regularly for maintenance purposes.
  • What experiences do WESTERN ACUPUNCTURE AND EXERCISE MEDICINE physiotherapists have?
    All of WESTERN ACUPUNCTURE AND EXERCISE MEDICINE Physiotherapists are professionally-certified physiotherapist– having went through 3 to 6 years in university physiotherapy program with more than 2,000 clinical hours in various hospitals and clinics during their industrial training. Prior to joining the team, they are required to go through an intensive preliminary training and examinations on the techniques and system that the company believes and practice. The company also believes in investing into our physiotherapists on the latest evidence based, international recognized and highest demand certifications and courses for continuous learning in order to provide the best sets of treatments to our clients. It is compulsory for all of our physiotherapists to attend our monthly in-house training or what we called the Continuous Medical Education (CME) where we focusing on fine tuning our treatment approach taught by none other than the founders themselves.
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