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  • How long does an average treatment session last ?
    The initial consultation, asessment and treatment session will be within 60 mins. Follow up treatment session will be one hour, depend on different factor.
  • What will I get during my consultation, assessment and treatment sessions ?"
    We will understand the source/symptoms of your problem with better understanding during the consultation (Lifestyle/Background Investigation) & special test assessment (Orthopedic/Neurology Investigation). We will understand an overall treatment program best suit for you. Yes, you will get better during the treatment program. We believe in the great value of our service.
  • How many sessions will I need ?
    Based on the standart practice you will have to come back for a follow up much more advisable but, it all depends on your condition (acute to chronic phase). It may takes up to 2 to 24 sessions in total. In standart practice, goal is to get the client to an independent stage. However, many of our client's do come as regular for maintenance purposes.
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